Source: Conversation in February 2017 with Jean Ramsey and Diana Sellers. David Eloy Lucero was born in San Ysidro, New Mexico to Fabiola (Baca) and Eloy Lucero on January 29, 1937. He had two older siblings who were deceased by the time of his birth and was raised with aContinue Reading

Help us now by identifying a MYSTERY PHOTO (or Mystery Persons in the photo!) We know where this photo is taken but don’t know who is in the photo or when it was taken!  Can anybody help us? If you can help answer these questions or if you have aContinue Reading

In the 1880s, John W. Miller operated a stage line to Santa Fe and a trading post at Jemez Pueblo. He married Mary Stright in 1884 and eventually came to live in Jemez Springs; they had one child, Hugh. Ms. Stright was John Shields’s sister-in-law and became a teacher atContinue Reading

Some years ago, before the library had a scanner, a descendant of the Block family gave us these photos, which were duplicated on copier, along with the handwritten notes. Photos taken  from 1910-1930 from the estate of the James B. Block family, who  lived in Jemez Springs and Albuquerque.   Continue Reading

The following photos of their family were first shared at a Storytellers Get-together in 2003 at Jemez Fine Art Gallery. Sawmill insides. Lew Caldwell. Lew & Buster on dozer. Grandpa and grandson.   FIsh and beer. Family.Continue Reading

Elijah McLean Fenton The Rev. Elijah McLean Fenton came to New Mexico as a missionary in 1881. In addition to his duties as a preacher, he became a surveyor and surveyed most of Sandoval County. In 1892, he was at the Jemez Pueblo mission, and his wife, Jessie Lime Fenton,Continue Reading

Moses Abousleman came to America from Lebanon in the early 1890s and first made his way to Santa Fe. Always an entrepreneur, he was a traveling salesman, selling housewares of all kinds from the back of a wagon, according to an article by Linda Vozar Sweet in the New MexicoContinue Reading