The Ben Bruce Home Site in Bland, New Mexico
The photograph was taken by Thomas Harry Jenks in the 1930’s and was developed by Master Photo Finishers, Denver, Colorado.
The large framed building is one that once belonged to Ben and Belle Bruce who were well known in the Bland area. The fence had been built for Belle Bruce, who was blind, but still managed to tend portions of the garden. An article on Bland stated that, “Mrs. F.B. Bruce was one of Bland’s most prodigious citizens. In spite of her total loss of eyesight, she could do just about anything. She was an immaculate house keeper, a good cook, and a musician who played for school socials and dances. It is said that she always insisted upon carrying the lamp to the bedroom for a guest, fearful that the guest might trip and fall.”
The road is the main road joining Allerton or Woodbury with Jemez Sulpher Springs. The place where the photographer is standing was a portion of the correct Bland Town Site Co. City Lot Development and was the same property embraced by the Ponto mining claim. For the most part, the area was referred to as North Bland. Around the turn of the century the property was owned by the Medler family.
This particular area was used primarily for residential and livery quarters during the active years of mining. At the time the photo was taken, Thomas Harry Jenks owned the house.Continue Reading