Tree-Ring Dates from the Hot Sulphur Bath House,Jemez Springs, New Mexico Tree-ring Dates of the Stone Hotel (Bohdi Manda old building) Tree-Ring Dates of Vigas in Casa Blanca, Jemez Springs, New Mexico Tree-Ring Dates of Boards and Beams from Block-Bergmann Structures,Jemez Springs, New Mexico Fire History of a Ponderosa PineContinue Reading

Soda Dam Talk for Jemez Springs Friends of the Library, by Tom Swetnam, Sept 26, 2020 Fire, Forests & People of the Jemez Talk, Jemez Springs Friends of the Library, by Tom Swetnam, May 8, 2021 Lonesome Pine of Chaco Canyon Talk, Friends of the Jemez Springs Public Library, byContinue Reading

These are selected drafts of short chapters that will be in a forthcoming book, titled: “Jemez Valley Sketches: Cultural and Natural History Stories.” Some of these were originally published as articles in the local newspapers “The Thunder” and “After The Thunder.” They have been expanded somewhat, including multiple B&W andContinue Reading

The following postings include links to videos of Jemez Valley history talks, reports of tree-ring dating of historic buildings and other objects in the Jemez Mountains, and draft chapters of a forthcoming book. Most of the video talks, and all the reports and book chapters are by Tom Swetnam, residentContinue Reading