New Mexico is home to five national forests, one of which is the Santa Fe National Forest (SFNF). Each national forest is divided into districts, and the SFNF has five districts: Jemez, Cuba, Espanola, Coyote and Pecos/Las Vegas. Most of the area we cover in Jemez Valley History is surroundedContinue Reading

Source: Conversation in February 2017 with Jean Ramsey and Diana Sellers. David Eloy Lucero was born in San Ysidro, New Mexico to Fabiola (Baca) and Eloy Lucero on January 29, 1937. He had two older siblings who were deceased by the time of his birth and was raised with aContinue Reading

From Jemez Thunder, December 01, 1997 CAPTION FOR PLAQUE AWARDED- DECEMBER 1, 1997 PLAQUE AWARDED – National Civic League President Chris Gates, Jemez Thunder editor Kathleen Wiegner and Mayor David Sanchez were in Washington, DC, to receive the All-American City Award on Nov. 18. The Mayor was congratulated by ViceContinue Reading

The Clay Hotel, also known as the Esperanza Hotel or Esperanza Ranch, was demolished when Via Coeli was built across from what is now Jemez Historic Site. According to information shared by Amie Adams Green, the hotel was under construction starting in 1921, and hot water came directly from theContinue Reading

The former home of the Otero family was occupied until 2015 by the Handmaids of the Precious Blood.  The cloistered religious community was founded in 1947  to pray for all priests and especially the guests at Via Coeli, a complex built next door to house Servants of the Paraclete. TheContinue Reading

  Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Church was dedicated to Mariano S. Otero, a nephew of Miguel Otero who died in 1904. The church was built around 1900 by the Otero and Perea families on land donated by the Archuleta family. In 1920, the first of three additions was builtContinue Reading

  The Jemez Mountain Inn, previously the Amber Lodge, appears in the earliest photos of the village. The front structure is one of the oldest buildings in the Village, dating from the late 1800s, and currently is the residence of the inn’s owners. At times in the past century, itContinue Reading